Pupil Premium Review

'As a result of the Review, the school has a clear strategy for how to build on its present practices and enhance them further to accelerate the progress of Pupil Premium students.’
Primary Headteacher

Pupil Premium Review - Content

Who conducts the review?
System leaders such as National Leaders of Education and Specialist Leaders of Education lead the Review as recommended by the Teaching School Council.

What does the review generally include?
This can be adapted to meet your school’s particular context.

1.   One day in school that is bespoke to your school and pupil premium needs. This will include discussions with key stakeholders.

2.   Half day in which the reviewer analyses and reviews documents such as: -     
Relevant extracts from the SEF and school improvement plan -     
Pupil Premium attainment and progress data in comparison to other pupils -     
Pupil premium attendance and persistent absence data in comparison to other pupils -     
Any other relevant documents such as information regarding, children looked after, students adopted from care, students with parents in the armed services, behaviour, social and emotional needs.

Note: You may be requesting a school review as a result of an Ofsted recommendation and may prefer to update your documents following the review. Therefore, rather than analysing the documents the reviewer and pupil premium lead can discuss the documents available and agree further documents needed to evidence good/outstanding practice. 

3.   Half day for the reviewer to complete a comprehensive report that celebrates good/outstanding practice and makes recommendations, discussed with the pupil premium lead, of how provision and outcomes can be improved for pupil premium pupils.    

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